Monday, May 23, 2011

Watermelon Math

This is our last week of school and every day is themed.  We did a lot with watermelons and math today.  We had all things watermelon flavored for special snack:  jelly beans, Kool aide, air heads, jolly ranchers, real watermelon, gum, etc.  We taste tested them all and voted for our favorites.  We then made a bar graph to represent our data.  Gum won- are you surprised??

We also had an estimation station with Walter the Watermelon.  We guessed how big around he was, how much he weighed and how many seeds were inside of him.  All of my students recorded their estimates and then we gathered in our "Laboratory" (my kidney table) to check our guesses.  To determine the number of seeds, I cut Walter into 17 pieces and had each child count the seeds in their piece.  We then worked together to add up the total number of seeds.  It was great practice for counting on.

We also made a watermelon number sentence that I found online.  We cut a paper plate in half and painted it to look like a watermelon.  I let the kids choose weather they wanted a pink or a red center.  We represented our addition number sentence with the seeds.  (I wish that I had used real seeds, but they were too wet.)
We made a watermelon glyph to represent our personal data.  I love glyphs, they are such and interesting way to show information.  They glued a small legend on the back of their watermelons so that others could figure out the meaning.  The legend is included below.

How old are you?
5 years old- 5 seeds   
6 years old – 6 seeds
Is Watermelon your favorite fruit?
Yes - seeds are  round
No - seeds are  square
Boy or Girl?
I am a boy – lime green rind
I am a girl – dark green rind
Math or Reading?
1 bite - I like math
2 bites - I like reading
Which do you like best?
watermelon koolaide - pink melon
watermelon gum - red melon


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  3. I love this idea! We learned addition last week and did this project with real sunflower seeds. I adapted it for my blog (below) and linked to you.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    <a href="“>Wonderful Kindergarten Blog </a>

  4. This is such a cool idea! I am planning math for my Kindergarten team right now, and I stretched is into a 2 day activity. I think the kiddos will love it- especially this close to the end of the year. Thanks for the wonderful ideas! :)