Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We finished a two week study of the farm last week.  We really ran with the "farm theme" and tryed to incorperate it into several subjects.  I am going to give you a sample of our hard work over the past two weeks :)

We have been working really hard on number sentences.  Our current goal is to have our students able to compose and decompose numbers to 10. (As of now, we have covered  up to 8.)  These activities are really an extenstion of what we have have been doing every Tuesday in our Math Journals since the beginning of the year.  Below you will find some of our work.

Barn Number Sentences-  each child was asked to choose a number, decide on a number sentence and represent it with a picture. 
Farm Stories-  I am working really hard to prepare my 21st century learners to work collaboratively.   I had my students work with a partner on an assigned number between 5 and 10.  They decided on their number sentence and represent it clearly with a picture.  We have had many discussion about the fact that your thinking should be so clear than anyone could look at your representation and understand your thinking :) 

We have been working a lot this year on story mapping, retelling and sequencing.  Below are some of the ways that we used children's literature with our farm unit.

Our whole grade level worked together to create story maps of  The Little Red Hen.

My class worked in committees of 3 and 4 to retell Mrs. Wishy Washy.  They were allowed to choose a  section to retell, had to come up with a plan that involved everyone and then create their portion.

We studyied an animal each day for two weeks!  Below are some of our cute creations :)

As a culmination of our farm unit, our kindergarteners went to the farm!  (I will not mention the fact that we had 67 cold, muddy kindergarteners on a cheese....)  When we got back, my class worked together to create our Big Red Barn.  Each child chose an animal we studied, drew a picture and wrote 3 facts about that animal.  It turned out really cute :)

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