Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We have had a wonderful first week in Kindergarten:)  Aside from setting up a community of learners in our classroom using the fabulous teachings of The Morning Meeting and Lucy Calkins' Reading and Writing Workshop; we have also been creating some really cute crafts.  We have really had a blast getting to know one another and sharing new experiences together.  Below are some pictures of a few activities we have worked on so far.

First Day Treat
I made these cute little lady bug cupcakes for my K friends on the first day of school and wrapped them up in a clear cup and bag with a tag stating "I am so glad we are in the same spot."  these were SUPER easy- 1) Dye icing green and spread on as the "leaf" 2) Dye icing pink and put in a plastic baggie with the tip clipped off so you can quickly pipe on ovals for the ladybug body 3)Stick on Junior Mints for the heads and mini chocolate chips for the spots.  They were a huge hit.

 The Kissing Hand
Who doesn't love reading this book to little ones during the first week of school?  I read this book to my students at Meet the Teacher and gave them a little heart sticker to put in the palm of their hands just like Chester.  On the first day of school, we shared our "first day feeling" and recorded them on the big hand.  Afterwards, we made these cute Chester's out of hearts.  (It was the first day, so of course, I cut  all of the hearts out except for the gray one the night before.)  I love having at least one piece of my K friend's artwork up already- it really gives them ownership of their classroom.

Meet the Cates' Crew
We made these to display in the hallway outside of our classroom to introduce ourselves to visitors.  Each child wrote their name and something that they liked starting with the same letter (Example:  Mrs. Cates like cookies). Then, they used scrap paper to make a self-portrait.  They turned out really well and were both cute and purposeful:)


  1. Love your ideas! The cupcakes are super cute... Is there any chance that you could post the "same spot" tag as a PDF to print out?