Friday, August 17, 2012

A New Kindergarten Crew

Today was our Kindergarten Open House and I had the pleasure of meeting my 18 new K friends!  Of course they are all adorable- it is going to be a great school year.  We are making so many changes in my classroom this year!  Not only have I completely revamped my classroom decorations (pictures below), but we have also revamped the way that we will be teaching reading this year.  My K team was given the amazing opportunity to go to NYC and attend a course at Columbia University's Teacher's College and hear from fabulous minds like Lucy Calkins and Kathy Collins (I am still in awe).  I truly feel as if my outlook on teaching literacy to K students has been changed forever.  More to come about Reading Workshop in future posts- once we have gotten further into it :)

Sign In
(Thank you Pinterest for the pencil idea)

Community Circle/ Promethean Board

Word Wall/ Computers/ Small Group Table

Art/ Sink/ Cubbies

Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue Tables
(Marked with tissue paper flowers and polka dot labels)

Puppet Theater/ Book Boxes/ Couch/ Writing Center

Math Centers

Morning/ Afternoon Jobs

Table Baskets/ Some of our class library
(Cute polka dot labels that are on everything- available at my TPT store)

"Bee"havior Management

Accomplishment Door
(All individual strategies worked on in workshops will be put in their pockets to be celebrated at every nine weeks.  I really want to emphasis successes- no matter how small)

I also have to share this super cute note that we sent home to all of our sweet K friends to read the night before the first day of Kindergarten.  I found it on the Sunny Days in Second Grade blog and it brought a tear to my eye (and I don't even have kids yet).   Go check it out for a the PDF link :)

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