Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pete the Cat

If you have not read the Pete the Cat books yet- you HAVE to put it on your to do list!  It is super cute and so much fun! The author of these great books is Eric Litwin and he has a wonderful website.  You can download Pete "walking along and singing his song" here.  I love these books because Pete takes whatever comes his way and does he complain?  "Goodness no!"  It is a great lesson for my little ones to learn early on :)

We made a cute craft to go along with our stories today.  I will say that it was very time consuming, but we sure had fun creating it.  Everyone chose their favorite color for Pete's shoes and put the sentence together with the color word to match. 

Also pictured is one of Pete's very own "Rocking School Shoes!"  They were so impressed!  I found this pencil pouch at Staples for $5- well worth it for the reaction I got :)

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  1. The red Converse tennis shoe pencil bag is super cute! I so need to go get one! The Pete the Cat art turned out really cute!