Wednesday, April 11, 2012

St. Patricks Day

This year, St. Patty's Day was not on a school day; however, in true Kindergarten form, we celebrated anyway:)  The Friday before was a half day for my school and we had a lot to pack in before 12:00. 

Leprechaun Number Sentences
We made these cute little guys to represent various combinations to 8. 

Special Snack
 We had Lucky Charms and Leprechaun Juice (aka- milk with green food coloring).  I had big plans to have cute packaging, but St. Patty's Day kinda snuck up on me.  There is always next year...  As we ate our snack, we did the typical marshmallow graphing activity and gathered whole class data.  They really had a blast gobbling this up  doing math.

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